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Table of Contents and Excerpts


Section One

America as a Custom Nation

1. The 21st Century’s Custom Revolution
2. The End of Mass Production: How America Became a Custom Nation
3. Custom Generation: Why the 21st Century’s Customers Want Custom Everything
4. The Paradox of Choice
5. Made in the U.S.A.: Why Customizers Manufacture in America (Or Wherever Their Customers Are)
6. The Future of Commerce: Cutomize Everything, Everywhere, All the Time


Section Two

Become the Next Great Customizer

7. Launching Your New CIY Business
8. Adding CIY to Your Existing Business
9. The Seven Crucial Lessons of Customizing
10. Customize Your Marketing
11. Keep Growing Your CIY Business

Afterward: Customizing Your Food for a Perfect Body and Great Health


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Apendix: Chart of the World’s Customizing Companies


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