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Customization is coming in every industry, for every product. Embrace it or get left behind.

Smart brands such as Chipotle, Zazzle, Nike, and Pandora have long ditched the myth that the only way to provide products and services is in a one-size-fits-all production line. From a Netflix movie night to a marriage courtesy of eHarmony, customization is changing every corner of American life and business.

Custom Nation is a practical how-to guide by someone who has built his business on the power of customization. YouBar founder Anthony Flynn and business journalist Emily Flynn Vencat explain how marketers, brand managers, and entrepreneurs across all industries can reinvigorate their businesses and increase profits. Drawing on firsthand interviews with the CEOs and founders of dozens of companies specializing in customization, Custom Nation reveals how customization can make any business stand apart and generate market share, increase profit margins, and develop customer loyalty.

In Custom Nation, learn:

  • Why customization is key to today’s businesses-what does and doesn’t work
  • How to incorporate customization in new and current businesses to make your products stand out and sell
  • What strategies work for the most successful and profitable custom brands

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